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Strategic Marketing & Ideation for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

Who we are

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, Global Marketing Perspectives, Inc. (GMP) has grown from a small consulting company, to a full-service agency offering a broad range of strategic medical education, marketing, sales and reimbursement communications services in the pharma and biotech industries... more

What we do

Who We Are

We strategize and plan with our clients; then help them... We design, write, create and integrate communications utilizing whatever channels most effectively reach the intended audiences... We develop systems and processes to manage data so you can… more

Why us?

Who We Are

Most companies—including marketing communications agencies—become defined by the products or services they provide.  For Global Marketing Perspectives, we’re defined not so much by the services we provide, but by the people behind them... more

A Message from the Founder

Anette Hogan, PresidentI was recently meeting with a prospective new client when she said, "I was told I should talk to you because your agency consistently delivers creative, effective solutions and executes on strategy, on time and on budget."

While that was a huge compliment to the people who make Global Marketing Perspectives what it is today, it’s also the direct result of many factors. GMP has enjoyed 14 consecutive years of carefully-managed growth; growth made possible through understanding our clients’ businesses and acquiring—when necessary—new resources and areas of expertise needed to help those clients achieve their communications goals.

The latest example of how we evolve to meet our clients’ needs is the expansion of our technology capabilities led by Eric Kim, GMP’s Director of Technology and Operations. Clients need to communicate effectively and timely with their customers as well as their internal organization and other stakeholders. More and more, this requires flexibility in how those communications are channeled to the end audience.  And technology—systems, apps and content delivered via Internet, smart phone and other electronic mobile devices—are often keys to the solution. This new growth area allows us to design and deliver cross-channel, integrated solutions to our clients’ marketing communications challenges.

But with all the recent growth and change, two things will remain the same: our unwavering commitment to our clients and our continuing strong desire to be the ‘go to’ source for strategic and creative marketing communications solutions.